Tullamore Dew - 12 Year Old Special Reserve 70cl Bottle

Colour: Medium Amber Gold. Nose: Early spice accompanied by red wine while a nice nuttiness follows. A light woody note is also evident bringing to mind the 12 years spent in oak casks. Taste: A deep robust taste with spice and linseed oil giving a creamy body and powerful chocolate flavour. Dried fruits and nuts accompany the chocolate, giving a veritable praline note to the taste. Finish: The finish is long and rich with some citrus, chocolate, raisins and marzipan all lingering. A unique blend of 3 different types of triple distilled Irish whiskey: Triple distilled pot still whiskey distilled from malted and unmalted barley in copper pot stills. Triple distilled malt whiskey, distilled from malted barley only, in copper pot stills. A lighter triple distilled grain whiskey distilled from corn and malted barley in tall column stills.

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